Behind the brand

We're Team Muscles & Donuts or "Donut Squad". United by our love of good food & vibes, our team is ecstatic to share that same positivity with all of you through not-taking-life-too-seriously puns and making you look like a snack while you eat your fav snack.

At Muscles & Donuts, we began as a family business, operated by husband and wife, but have grown our team into a silly ohana of unique individuals. We are ecstatic to share our amazing team with you!

Owner & Product Development Executive

Crystal Goode

Mother. Designer. Adventurer. Biology Nerd, Harry Potter & Star Trek obsessed. Received a Masters degree at Grand Canyon University. “Work hard. Stay Humble. Spread Aloha & laugh a lot along the way.”

Owner & Logistics Executive

Brandon Goode

Brandon is a proud hubby, family man and US Navy Veteran. He obtained his MBA from Hawaii Pacific University. Brandon is a travel lover with 16 Countries and 23 States visited and a goal of 100 more! A food Lover that won't say no to that slice of pizza. Lives by "don't take it so serious bruh."

Creative Director

Laura Colantonio

A professional dog stalker and obsessive dog mom. Always hungry for food and adventure. Laura has a better island than you in Animal Crossing guaranteed and identifies with her spirit animal, Bulbasaur.

"You are a work of art. Not everyone will understand you, but the ones who do will never forget you."

Creative Assistant

Ashley Hartsfield

A light video game, musical, and anime fan. Always enjoys a good serving of pasta. Ashley's an '03 baby with a love of family, friends, and her "potaggo" (potato + doggo) Mason. She gives a helping hand to the design team and goes into every day eager to learn!

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.”

Production Manager

Rylan Benigno

Rylan, shapeshifter, demigod of wind and sea, hero of men. Father of 2 amazing girls. Born in the 90s but listens to 80s hair bands. Orders California burritos without guac. Avid tattoo collector.

The heart and soul of the production division and very important part in the company as whole. Works in 95 degree heat for most of the day screen printing and ensuring the best quality prints.

Customer Service Manager

Colin Martins

Facial hair enthusiast, craft beer snob, coffee addict, father of two fur babies. Colin enjoys posting food on social media, taking angel-wing selfies, doing yoga poses on hikes, and travelling. Live, laugh, love. “If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you don’t deserve my best.” Please like and subscribe! #Blessed

Colin talks to customers then ships out their stuff. A freaky fusion of warehouse worker and office man, Colin spends most of his time “catching things that fall through the cracks.”

Customer Service Specialist

Angela Cruz

Yells “You’re doing amazing sweetie!” during shoots to make the models laugh. Vegas Native. Named her two boys Lex and Kalel- if ya know ya know. Angela's the type of person who will challenge you to a push-up or handstand competition. A cozy gamer and proud of it.

Angela assists with social media management. Slide into our DMs to say Hi!

Production Assistant

Justice Goode

The brand owners wild child who is passionately dedicated to drumming. Spends all his free time helping his hard working parents build their businesses. Super energetic, goal oriented and takes care of the the Chief Barketing Officer by giving him French fries, nice long walks and belly rubs.

Chief Barketing Officer

Kalohe Goode

Kalohe, named after the word that means "little rascal" in Hawaiian, is the office mascot, specializing in emotional support and his impressive pig impression. Thiccccc and loves Spam Musubi.

No need to be hangry!

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